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Nawab Malik’s Political Stand Divides Speculation at Nagpur Winter Session

The Intriguing Political Affiliation of Nawab Malik Unfolds in Winter Session

Nagpur | December 09, 2023 : In the ongoing Winter Session in Nagpur, the political intrigue surrounding NCP MLA Nawab Malik has taken center stage. The pivotal moment unfolded as leaders from both Ajit Pawar and Sharad Pawar’s factions engaged with Malik during the session.

Nawab Malik, who has been a topic of speculation regarding his allegiance, made a notable entrance into the session, catching the attention of both political camps. An interesting development emerged when Malik, after a meeting with Anil Deshmukh, strategically took a seat on the ruling party’s bench, signaling his apparent support for the Ajit Pawar group.

The Uncertain Allegiance…

As the winter session commenced today, discussions intensified over which faction Nawab Malik would align himself with. Despite being on medical bail, Malik has not officially declared his stance within the NCP. The curiosity surrounding his political affiliation escalated when he engaged in a meeting with Anil Deshmukh, a prominent member of Sharad Pawar’s group.

Official Role Remains Ambiguous…

Following his release on medical bail, speculations were rife about Malik’s potential alignment with either the Sharad Pawar or Ajit Pawar group. However, Malik chose to maintain a neutral stance, refraining from committing to any specific role. His strategic seating arrangement at the end of the ruling benches fueled further discussions about his potential association. Despite these developments, Nawab Malik has not clarified his official role, leaving the political landscape in anticipation. As the Winter Session unfolds, the spotlight remains on Nawab Malik, adding a layer of intrigue to the ongoing political discussions.*


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