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Tussle Over Vidarbha Issues Marks Last Day of State Legislature Winter Session

As no proposal was tabled in the assembly regarding the Vidarbha issue, there was a tussle between the ruling party and the opposition.

Nagpur, | December 20, 2023: The concluding day of the winter session in the state legislature witnessed a heated exchange between the ruling party and the opposition regarding the discussion on Vidarbha issues. The session’s tension peaked when Deputy Chief Minister and Home Minister Devendra Fadnavis responded to the opposition’s week-long proposal.

NCP State President and MLA Jayant Patil confronted the government, highlighting the absence of any deliberation on Vidarbha issues. The exchange unfolded during a discussion where both Fadnavis and Ajit Pawar were present, and Patil accused the ruling party of not addressing the concerns raised by the opposition.

Patil raised the issue, asserting that the opposition did not initially propose discussions on Vidarbha; instead, it was initiated by the ruling party. Finance Minister had stated a willingness to withdraw the proposal if time constraints arose, but the opposition insisted on addressing Vidarbha issues on the final day of the session.

Moreover, Patil called for a reevaluation of the limited session duration, suggesting a month-long convention for comprehensive discussions. The verbal sparring reached its peak when Patil teased Ajit Pawar, prompting a swift and confident response from the Deputy Chief Minister.

In response, Ajit Pawar defended the government’s position, citing time constraints and the need for a prompt decision in the working advisory committee. He emphasized the importance of addressing Vidarbha issues due to the ongoing session in the region. The proposal was eventually made in the morning by Vidhan Parishad Praveen Darekar.

The day concluded with both sides expressing their views, highlighting the complexities and challenges of legislative discussions.


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