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Virat Kohli’s Masterclass Propels India to Victory Over Pakistan in Colombo ODI

New Delhi| September 12,2023: Virat Kohli delivered a batting masterclass on Monday, scoring an unbeaten 122 runs in the much-anticipated India-Pakistan clash in Colombo. His extraordinary performance helped India secure their most significant victory over Pakistan, winning by a staggering 228 runs. Kohli’s century marked his 47th in One Day Internationals (ODIs) and his 77th in international cricket.

The Indian skipper displayed tremendous resilience, spending almost 33 overs at the crease over two days to achieve his milestone. Remarkably, after his monumental innings, Kohli also played a crucial role in the field during Pakistan’s innings.

Despite the grueling two-day encounter and another match scheduled against Sri Lanka the following day, Kohli expressed his readiness to face the challenge of playing three consecutive days. In a post-match presentation, he emphasized the importance of recovery, especially considering the humid conditions in Colombo.

“It’s the first time I have done anything like this in 15 years of cricket. Luckily we are Test players, so we know how to come back the next day and play. Recovery is crucial. It was humid out there today. I was pushing for those runs and happy for it, but I was thinking I need to play at 3 pm tomorrow. I am 35 in November, so I need to take care of my recovery,” Kohli said.

KL Rahul, making a sensational return to international cricket, also played a pivotal role in India’s commanding victory. He scored a century and, together with Kohli, formed an unbeaten partnership of 233 runs. Kohli lauded Rahul’s heroic performance, calling it one of the most memorable partnerships of his career.

“KL started better; I was trying to bring him on strike and play second fiddle. And yes, then after that, I stepped up where I could. I take a lot of pride in fitness. Pushing for doubles is easy runs, compared to a big shot. It has paid off before; I hope to continue in the same way. Both KL and myself are conventional players. When you have him batting the way he was, and me playing, it’s tough to break these partnerships because we don’t play fancy shots. We didn’t think about the partnership too much; the idea was to ‘keep batting.’ It is one of the memorable partnerships we’ve had and for Indian cricket as well. He hit form for us straight away, good for us,” Kohli said.

India’s next challenge awaits them as they face Sri Lanka on Tuesday at the same venue. Cricket enthusiasts worldwide eagerly anticipate another thrilling encounter as Kohli and his team aim to maintain their winning momentum in the ODI series.



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