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Violent Mob Looting Arms and Ammunition Spark Unrest in Manipur

In the last few hours, unrest and violence have surged in the state of Manipur, with the district of Vishnupur particularly affected by arson and vandalism. The situation has been escalating for the past three months, with incidents of violence occurring almost daily across Manipur.

The latest incident in Vishnupur saw a large mob seizing police rifles and cartridges, leading to a clash with the security forces. Over two dozen jawans (soldiers) were injured in the confrontation. Social activists have noted that the mob seems to be targeting the security forces, with a pattern of large-scale attacks and theft of weapons, creating a tense atmosphere in the state.

Yesterday’s incident marked the largest arms and ammunition heist to date, with around 500 individuals involved in the attack on the 2nd India Reserve Battalion’s headquarters. The mob managed to loot an extensive arsenal, including 298 rifles, SLRs, LMGs, mortars, grenades, and over 16,000 rounds of ammunition. The security forces attempted to control the situation by using tear gas, but the sheer number of miscreants overwhelmed their efforts.

The violence has been fueled by communal tensions, as a disagreement over the communal burial of individuals killed in violence against the Kuki community in Haolai Khopi, Churachandpur, led to further unrest across multiple districts.

Notably, the mob targeted other armories in Imphal, but due to the alertness of security forces, their attempts were thwarted.

In a separate tragic incident, three members of a family were murdered late last night in Vishnupur when assailants breached their home and opened fire indiscriminately before fleeing the scene.

The situation remains volatile, with ongoing arson and vandalism in various locations. Authorities are actively investigating the incidents and trying to restore peace in the region.



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