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US Military Osprey Helicopter Crashes During Australia Exercise: No Fatalities Reported

V-22 Osprey Crash During 'Talisman Sabre 21' Exercise off Darwin Coast Raises Concerns, but No Deaths Confirmed

In a mid-morning incident on Sunday, an aircraft mishap involving U.S. military personnel unfolded during a training exercise in Australia’s Northern Territory, as revealed by Australia’s Defence Ministry. While details were still emerging, initial reports indicated no casualties.

Reports from Sky News Australia unveiled that a V-22 Osprey helicopter, carrying approximately 20 U.S. Marines, had crashed off the coast of Darwin. Fortunately, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) informed that multiple military personnel had been successfully rescued following an aircraft crash on the Tiwi Islands, situated north of Darwin. Luckily, there were no fatalities recorded.

Emergency services promptly responded to the situation on Melville Island, with Northern Territory Police investigating the incident. The Australian Defence Ministry clarified that the mishap did not involve Australian Defence Force members.

The event transpired during Exercise Predator’s Run 2023 on Melville Island, which was a part of the broader Talisman Sabre 21 exercises. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese had a scheduled press conference to address the incident and its implications. The authorities were actively engaged in probing the matter to determine the cause of the crash and ensure the safety of military personnel in future training exercises.



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