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US and Britain Launch Airstrikes Against Houthi Rebels in Yemen

Tensions Rise as Pro-Iran Group Bears the Brunt of Military Offensive

January 12, 2024: In a significant escalation of conflicts in the Middle East, the United States and Britain have initiated airstrikes against the pro-Iran Houthi rebels in Yemen. The joint military operation targeted Houthi bases, with US and British air forces deploying Mieles fighter jets to carry out a large-scale attack. The assault resulted in substantial losses for the Houthi rebels, raising concerns about heightened tensions in West Asian countries.

The Rebels’ Response:

In a swift retaliation, Houthi rebels responded by attacking several US bases near the Red Sea. Not stopping there, they also targeted US embassies in Iran and Iraq. The rebels issued a warning, vowing to continue attacks on both US and British embassies. Confirming reports of bombings and attacks in Yemen, the Houthis seem determined to retaliate against the military offensive.

Biden’s Statement:

US President Joe Biden addressed the airstrikes, stating that the defensive operation was in response to attacks on pilgrims in the Red Sea. Biden claimed the military action had the support of Australia, Bahrain, and Canada. He emphasized the commitment to future military actions if deemed necessary, signaling a resolute stance against the Houthi rebels.

Red Sea Developments:

The Red Sea has been a hotspot for conflict, with Houthi rebels supporting Palestine by consistently attacking ships. Using drones and militias, the rebels targeted boats near Yemeni port cities of Hodeidah and Mokha. Private intelligence company Embrey reported missile and drone attacks, prompting US and allied warships to order merchant ships to expedite their movements.

Who are the Houthis?

The Houthi rebels, a Shiite group, gained control of Yemen’s capital in 2014. Recent attacks, including one on an Israeli ship, were aimed at curbing Israeli actions against Hamas in Gaza. Identifying as part of the ‘Axis of Resistance,’ linked to Iran, the Houthi rebels control significant parts of Yemen. The motives behind their attacks are political, seeking control over the region rather than engaging in military strategies.


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