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Unrest in Beed: Sandeep Kshirsagar Calls for Judicial Inquiry

Winter Session of Legislature Discusses Maratha Reservation and Beed Arson

Mumbai | December 15, 2023 : The ongoing winter session of the legislature in Maharashtra took a dramatic turn as the issue of Maratha reservation and the recent arson in Beed captured the attention of the House. The discussion was fueled by Sandeep Kshirsagar, MLA of Beed Assembly Constituency, who provided a detailed account of the disturbing incident that unfolded in his constituency.

Sandeep Kshirsagar passionately asserted that the incident of arson in Beed was a regrettable event that saw his house set ablaze, a temple vandalized, and various other acts of violence. Striking a chord of concern, he emphasized that the Maratha protesters were not involved in the incident and pointed towards potential external instigators.

“The attackers were village gangsters, associated with someone. If their call records are scrutinized, we can unveil the truth,” stated Kshirsagar, urging a thorough investigation into the matter. He went on to express disappointment at the attempt to create discord between the OBC and Maratha communities in the aftermath of the Beed incident.

Drawing attention to the delayed response from the police administration during the seven to eight hours of turmoil, Kshirsagar questioned why swift action was not taken when his house and the city were burning. He lamented the lack of assistance and questioned the role of those who seemingly tied the hands of the police during this critical period.

In a plea for justice, Kshirsagar requested a judicial inquiry into the incident, calling upon the Home Minister to lead the investigation. He questioned the disparity in response, highlighting that while an air ambulance was promptly sent for another incident, his pleas for help in Beed went unanswered.

The legislator concluded his impassioned address, stating, “It is imperative to uncover the mastermind behind this incident. Let the courts investigate, and let the truth prevail.”

As the winter session progresses, the Beed incident adds a layer of complexity to the legislative agenda, requiring a thorough examination of the circumstances surrounding the arson and a collective call for justice.


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