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Unemployed Youth’s Symbolic Protest Shakes Parliament; Legal Aid Offered

Asim Sarode Questions MPs' Ignorance in Face of Unemployment Crisis

Pune | December 14, 2023: In a daring move, two individuals disrupted the ongoing winter session of Parliament on Wednesday, igniting chaos in the Lok Sabha by breaking the smoke pipe. Simultaneously, two accomplices set off smoke bombs and chanted slogans outside the parliamentary premises, drawing attention to the dire issue of unemployment. Among the protesters was Amol Dhanraj Shinde, a 25-year-old from Latur’s Chachur district. Shinde, who had left home under the guise of attending a police recruitment event, spearheaded a symbolic demonstration inside the Lok Sabha, highlighting the challenges faced by unemployed individuals.

The police swiftly detained Amol Shinde, launching an investigation into the incident. Notably, prominent lawyer Asim Sarode has stepped forward, announcing his intention to provide legal assistance to Shinde. Sarode, in a Facebook post, questioned the actions of MPs who, in his view, have failed to address the unemployment crisis effectively. He argued that if Shinde’s intent was not to cause harm but to draw attention to the issue, it should be understood as a desperate plea for action rather than criminalized.

Asim Sarode further explained his stance, condemning the use of Bhagat Singh-style tactics while underscoring the need for a more democratic approach to addressing unemployment. Sarode urged a nuanced perspective, emphasizing that Shinde’s act was born out of frustration with the insensitive policy processes at both the state and central levels. The lawyer insisted that positive steps should be taken to guide Shinde away from the wrong path, highlighting his desperation for employment rather than branding him a terrorist.

Dhananjay RamKrishna Shinde, expressing thoughts on the matter, echoed Sarode’s sentiments, emphasizing that Amol Shinde’s actions were not those of a criminal but rather a reflection of the flawed policy processes that have failed to alleviate the struggles of the unemployed youth. The beating MPs, Shinde argues, have proven ineffective in addressing the root causes of unemployment, prompting Asim Sarode to question the ignorance of these hard-hitting lawmakers who, in his view, contribute to the suffering of vulnerable, unemployed individuals.


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