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Twitter Turmoil: Mass Resignations Shake Elon Musk’s X Despite Bonus Checks

Why Are X Employees Leaving Despite Bonus Checks? Elon Musk Faces Company-wide Exodus

December 01, 2023: Ever since Elon Musk acquired Twitter, known as X, the platform has been facing a series of challenges. Amidst a wave of departing advertisers, a new issue has emerged – a mass resignation within the company’s sales team. According to a report by Claire Atkinson, both senior and junior members of the sales team have chosen to resign over the past few months, despite receiving bonus checks as part of their exit packages. This trend is not confined to the sales department alone, as employees from various other divisions within X are also parting ways with the company.

The reason behind this exodus appears to be a shared sentiment among employees that X’s platform lacks a promising future. Even with substantial bonuses, many employees believe that the company’s trajectory is uncertain, prompting them to seek opportunities elsewhere. This departure leaves X with a significantly reduced workforce, following last year’s massive layoffs initiated by Musk. The ripple effect of these layoffs continues to impact the company as more employees choose to resign simultaneously.

Speculation is growing on social media regarding Elon Musk’s role in this mass resignation. Some netizens attribute the discontent among employees to Musk’s reputed temperament, describing him as moody and unpredictable. Criticism has been directed at Musk’s decision-making, with claims that his choices have contributed to the current state of the company. Additionally, major corporations have started withdrawing their advertisements from X, compounding the challenges faced by Musk and the platform.


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