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Toll Collection Controversy: Government Admits Additional Toll Despite Poor Road Conditions

55 Flyovers in Mumbai Cost 1,259.38 Crores, Toll Collection to Continue Until 2026

Nagpur| December 12, 2023: In a recent revelation in the Legislative Assembly, the Maharashtra government has acknowledged the ongoing toll collection across the state, even in areas where road conditions are deplorable. The controversial issue has implicated Raj Thackeray, and the government has admitted that additional tolls are being collected in Mumbai.

Concerns were raised by top Congress leaders and other legislators regarding the toll collection, pointing out the poor state of roads despite the continuous tolling. Various MLAs questioned the government about the widespread toll collection, emphasizing the deteriorating road conditions. Minister Dada Bhuse responded, confirming that toll collection is indeed taking place on ten projects under the Maharashtra State Development Corporation. He acknowledged the partial truth behind the poor road conditions, stating that maintenance and repair are carried out as per tender provisions.

The toll controversy deepened when opponents questioned the necessity of toll collection even after the recovery of the cost of 55 flyovers built by the Maharashtra Road Development Corporation. Dada Bhuse confirmed that toll collection will persist, revealing that 1,259.38 crores were spent on the construction of these flyovers in Mumbai. The recovery of 3,272 crores is anticipated by 2026, indicating that toll collection will continue beyond the cost recovery.

In response to the escalating controversy, MNS President Raj Thackeray met Chief Minister Eknath Shinde to discuss the toll issue. Subsequently, discussions between State Minister Dada Bhuse and government officials took place at Raj Thackeray’s residence, indicating the seriousness of the toll collection matter.

Citizens and motorists have raised concerns about the increasing death rate due to accidents, questioning the rationale behind toll collection when roads are filled with potholes. The government’s admission has fueled public dissatisfaction, and the toll controversy is likely to remain a focal point in the coming days as citizens demand transparency and accountability.


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