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Thackeray Family Members and Key Figures Face Jail Threat as Scam Probe Intensifies, Warns Shiv Sena MLA

Mumbai | Aug 12,2023: In a recent development, Shiv Sena MLA, Sanjay Shirsat, issued a stern warning to those involved in the ongoing scam investigation. As various investigative agencies at the Center continue their vigorous operations in Maharashtra, Shirsat asserted that the time for accountability is near, particularly for members of the Thackeray family.

The spotlight on the investigation has intensified with Sujit Patkar, a suspected accused in the Corona scam, appearing before the Enforcement Directorate (ED). In a statement to the ED, Patkar alleged that his testimony was taken under duress and intimidation. When Sanjay Shirsat was questioned about these allegations, he emphasized that accusations alone are not sufficient for punishment; concrete evidence of involvement in the crime is essential. He drew a parallel to a murder case, explaining that if there’s no evidence, the court does not convict. Therefore, the mere filing of a petition won’t change the outcome. Shirsat warned that individuals aiding the accused should take notice of the mounting evidence, as their time to face legal consequences is approaching.

Furthermore, when directly questioned about who would face potential jail time, Shirsat did not mince words. He asserted that it encompasses a range of individuals, including prominent figures like Sanjay Raut and Anil Parab. Shirsat extended the scope to anyone associated with the Thackeray family, leaving no room for ambiguity.

Interestingly, Shirsat also commented on MP Sanjay Raut’s activities. He mentioned the ongoing non-flying helicopter controversy and referenced what he termed as “food diplomacy.” These remarks offer a glimpse into the broader dynamics at play in the current situation.

As Maharashtra remains under the scrutiny of investigative agencies, the revelations and claims made by key individuals like Shirsat serve to add intrigue to the unfolding events. The threat of jail time looms large for those implicated in the scam, and as the investigation continues, the spotlight on the Thackeray family and other notable figures remains unrelenting.



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