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Tensions Flare in Maratha Reservation Protests in Maharashtra

Concerns over escalating violence and government action in response

October 31, 2023: In the midst of peaceful protests for Maratha reservation in Maharashtra, tensions flared as certain agitators resorted to violence, attempting to set houses and cars of political leaders ablaze. This alarming turn of events has prompted a heightened state of alert within the police system. To address the situation, a crucial meeting was convened, bringing together Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, and Director General of Police Rajnish Sheth. The discussion delved into the background of the Maratha reservation agitations, ultimately leading to some significant decisions.

The Maratha community in Maharashtra has grown increasingly assertive, warranting immediate attention to maintain law and order in the state. During today’s cabinet meeting, an important decision was reached concerning the Maratha reservation issue.

In the meeting involving the Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister, and the top police official, the Director General of Police provided an overview of the day’s events. It has come to light that certain social activists are exploiting the Maratha community’s movement for their gain. Authorities are diligently working to identify and apprehend these troublemakers, whose intent appears to involve arson and theft. The police have been vigilant across various units to quell these social disturbances, while intelligence agencies are actively involved in the effort.

Simultaneously, the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister engaged with the Superintendent of Police to assess the situation on the ground. They discussed the implementation of curfew and the use of Section 144 in areas where outbreaks have occurred, as well as those deemed at risk.

Central to the government’s concerns is the need to prioritize peace and ensure that law and order are maintained throughout the state. A growing concern is the proliferation of offensive and aggressive content related to the protests on social media platforms. Consequently, there have been deliberations about enhancing surveillance of these online activities through the cyber police.

In the face of mounting tension, Maharashtra is grappling with the delicate task of safeguarding the legitimate demands of the Maratha community for reservation, while also maintaining the peace and security of the state. The decisions made in this critical juncture will play a pivotal role in steering the situation towards a peaceful resolution.


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