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Supriya Sule Responds to PM Modi’s Criticism of Sharad Pawar

MP Supriya Sule counters Prime Minister Modi's indirect criticism of Sharad Pawar

October 27, 2023: In a recent turn of events, MP Supriya Sule has issued a spirited response to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s veiled criticism of senior leader and MP Sharad Pawar. During a public gathering in Shirdi, where Modi had assembled beneficiaries of government schemes and farmers on Thursday, he indirectly questioned the contributions of Sharad Pawar, who had previously served as the Agriculture Minister at the Center for several years.

Supriya Sule, addressing the Prime Minister’s remarks during her tour in Sindhudurg on Friday, highlighted the recognition bestowed upon Sharad Pawar by the Modi government, which awarded him the prestigious Padma Vibhushan. She wryly noted, “Who will the Prime Minister criticize when he comes to Maharashtra? Of course, Mr. Pawar. They are welcome. This is a coin of ours, which is running well in the market.” Sule emphasized that, irrespective of the visitor, criticizing Pawar seems to be a constant theme in Maharashtra’s political landscape.

The dynamics of political rhetoric have evolved over time, as Sule pointed out, stating, “Earlier, the Prime Minister used to call NCP a naturally corrupt party, but he did not say this time. Therefore, this time their charges have changed.” She further stressed that these political exchanges are an integral part of the democratic process.

Supriya Sule also used the opportunity to address other critical issues in the state. She highlighted the ongoing concern over the drug problem, urging authorities to take decisive action. “The issue of drugs is not a political issue. Home Minister of Maharashtra says every day that we will expose. But this topic is social,” Sule emphasized. She expressed her frustration with the state government’s slow response to this pressing issue.

In addition to the drug problem, the matter of Maratha reservation remains a contentious and pressing issue in Maharashtra. Supriya Sule expressed her disappointment, stating, “I think this triple engine box is a failure of the government. The government was given a deadline of 40 days. I thought he had some magic wand. There will be some plan. So where did this triple engine government come up with the magic number of 40 days?” Sule proposed that the government convene a meeting with leaders of all opposition parties and hold a special session lasting five to ten days to discuss and resolve the reservation concerns of various communities, including Marathas, Muslims, and Dhangars.

Supriya Sule’s response to Prime Minister Modi’s remarks underscores the vibrant and dynamic political landscape of Maharashtra, where leaders continue to engage in spirited dialogues on crucial issues affecting the state and its people.


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