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Supreme Court Sets Historic Record: Disposes of Over 52,000 Cases in 2023

The court hails the achievement as a landmark moment in the country's legal history

New Delhi: 24 Dec, 2023 In a monumental feat, the Supreme Court of India has announced that it successfully disposed of more cases in 2023 than the total number filed, marking a historic milestone in the nation’s legal history. Chief Justice Dhananjay Chandrachud emphasized that every case, regardless of its nature, falls under the fundamental principle of delivering justice.

This accomplishment underscores the competency of the judiciary in addressing the longstanding issue of pending cases. As of December 15, 2023, the Supreme Court proudly disclosed that it disposed of a total of 52,191 cases, surpassing the 49,191 cases registered this year.

The court’s statement highlighted the expedited processing of various cases, including bail and interim bail, which were often listed and resolved on the same day. A noteworthy move was the listing of 2,262 cases related to human liberties during the summer vacation (May 22-July 2), with 780 of them successfully disposed of.

The breakdown of the disposed cases in 2023 reveals a comprehensive approach, covering 45,642 miscellaneous cases and 6,549 regular cases, which included 18,449 criminal, 19,348 general civil, and 4,410 service cases.

Comparatively, the Supreme Court disposed of 39,800 cases in 2022, 24,586 in 2021, and 20,670 in 2020, as per court statistics. The court attributed this year’s success to the judiciary’s efficient approach, increased utilization of technology, and policy reforms aimed at delivering justice more effectively. The court stated, “This achievement not only demonstrates the flexibility and adaptability of the Indian legal system but also reaffirms the judiciary’s commitment to upholding the principles of justice in a rapidly evolving world.”

The positive impact of changes in the case listing process was evident, with the time taken from preparing the list to submitting it for hearing reduced from 10 days to 5 to 7 days. This procedural improvement played a pivotal role in expediting the disposal of cases throughout the year, contributing to the Supreme Court’s historic record-breaking performance in 2023.



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