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Supreme Court Hearing on Disqualification of MLAs from Maharashtra State

Mumbai | September 25, 2023: In a significant development, the Supreme Court is set to address the contentious issue of disqualification of Members of Legislative Assembly (MLAs) from the state of Maharashtra. This hearing, scheduled for today, Monday, has garnered considerable attention, as it carries far-reaching implications for the political landscape of the state. The proceedings will be presided over by Speaker Adv. Rahul Narvekar, intensifying the focus on this crucial legal battle.

A total of 14 MLAs from the Thackeray group and 39 MLAs from the Shinde group have received notices to appear before the central hall of the legislature at 3 pm for the hearing. This has ignited curiosity regarding which MLAs will present their cases during this pivotal event.

This legal saga began when the power struggle within the state escalated to the judiciary’s doorstep. The court directed that the Speaker’s decision regarding MLA disqualification should be subjected to its review. A hearing was initially convened on September 14 to address this pressing matter. During that hearing, a significant contention emerged, with the Thackeray group claiming that their petitions had not been received by the Shinde group. Consequently, the President extended the hearing by 17 days to allow time for the examination of these petitions. Notably, Rahul Narvekar, who is presiding over today’s hearing, faced criticism during the previous session for the delay in proceedings.

Political parties have been quick to respond to the upcoming hearing, with leaders expressing their intent to attend along with their legal representatives. Ajay Chaudhary, leader of the Thackeray group, stated, “We have received notices for the hearing, and we will be present with our lawyers from three o’clock in the afternoon.” It is expected that both groups will be represented by two lawyers each during the proceedings.

Crucially, the President’s decision on the party’s identity before the disqualification holds significant weight. In June 2022, the Thackeray group assumed control of the existing party and Pratod. Meanwhile, the Shinde group claims the majority in the Legislature, with the Election Commission’s results expected to serve as crucial evidence in this complex and politically charged case.

As Maharashtra watches with bated breath, the Supreme Court’s decision on the disqualification of MLAs could potentially reshape the political landscape of the state. The hearing, scheduled for today, promises to be a pivotal moment in Maharashtra’s political history


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