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Sonalee Kulkarni Takes a Southern Twist: Marathi Actress Set for Malayalam Debut Alongside Mohanlal

Marathi Star Sonalee Kulkarni Ventures into South Cinema with Malayalam Debut

February 02, 2024: In a surprising move that thrilled her fans, renowned Marathi actress Sonalee Kulkarni has expanded her horizons by stepping into the world of South Indian cinema. The beloved Maratha Moli actress, widely acclaimed for her performances in Marathi and Bollywood, is making her debut in the Malayalam film industry with the movie ‘Malaikottai Valiban.’ Directed by National Award winner Lijo Jose Pallisari, the film features Sonalee sharing the screen with the legendary superstar Mohanlal.

Sonalee Kulkarni, often regarded as the enchantress of Marathi cinema, has captivated audiences with her acting prowess in recent years. Her transition into South Indian cinema marks a significant milestone in her career, and fans are eagerly anticipating her foray into a new cinematic realm.

The first glimpse of Sonalee in the Malayalam film has been unveiled through a mesmerizing fusion song, showcasing her bold and spirited performance. Known for her charismatic dance moves, Sonalee is set to enthrall the Southern audience, and her upcoming project ‘Dakshinatya’ further solidifies her presence in the South Indian film industry.

Expressing her excitement about the new venture, Sonalee Kulkarni states, “This marks my debut in Malayalam cinema, and working alongside legends in my very first film is a tremendous honor. The curtain on my look has finally been lifted with this song. ‘Malaikottai Valiban’ is scheduled to release on January 25, making it a multi-lingual cinematic experience in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Hindi.”

The film is not only set to mesmerize audiences in India but will also have a global release, including countries like the UK, US, and Canada. Notably, it is the first grand regional film to hit the screens in Canada, making it a special and unique experience for Sonalee Kulkarni. She expresses confidence that the audience will embrace her new character with warmth and enthusiasm.


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