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Shiv Sena’s Shinde Group Gears Up to Challenge Thackeray MPs Over Women’s Reservation Bill

Mumbai | September 27, 2023: In a political maneuver that’s intensifying the debate on women’s reservation, the Shiv Sena’s Shinde group is making strategic moves to corner four MPs from the Thackeray group. This move comes as a response to the absence of these MPs during the voting on the Women’s Reservation Bill, which has recently stirred up controversy across the nation.

The Women’s Reservation Bill was recently approved during a special session organized by the Central Government. Curiously, on the very day when political accusations were flying, four MPs belonging to the Shiv Sena Thackeray group were notably absent during the crucial vote. This absence has raised questions about their stance on the bill, as they have neither cast their votes in favor nor communicated their decision to the Lok Sabha Secretariat.

In light of this situation, the Shinde group has sprung into action, initiating steps to hold these four MPs accountable. Sources within the Shiv Sena have revealed that the Shinde group is preparing to send formal notices to Vinayak Raut, Rajan Vikhare, Sanjay alias Bandu Jadhav, and Omraje Nimbalkar for their failure to adhere to the party whip. It is expected that appropriate action will be taken against them in the near future.

The crux of the matter lies in the Nari Shakti Vandhan Abhiyan 2023, which revolves around women’s reservation. On November 14, the Shinde group issued a whip, instructing all party members to vote in favor of this bill. However, due to the absence of the aforementioned MPs, they did not cast their votes as directed. Consequently, the Shinde group is now actively examining the legal ramifications of this situation.

To address the matter, notices will be dispatched to the four MPs, urging them to provide an explanation for their actions. Interestingly, Uddhav Thackeray, the party chief of the Thackeray group, has not yet made his position on this issue clear. Sources within the Shiv Sena Shinde group suggest that these four MPs might be facing pressure from him, adding another layer of complexity to this unfolding political drama.

As the nation watches closely, this dispute over the Women’s Reservation Bill continues to highlight the complexities and divisions within the political landscape.


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