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Shiv Sena MLA Disqualification Hearing Kicks Off, Assembly Speaker Grants Two Weeks for Document Exchange

Mumbai| September 14, 2023: In a significant development today, the hearing on the disqualification of Shiv Sena MLAs commenced before Assembly Speaker Rahul Narvekar in Mumbai. This hearing has been marked by strong arguments from both the Shinde and Thackeray groups, with lawyers Anil Singh and Asim Sarode representing their respective factions.

One of the key points of contention during today’s proceedings was the exchange of crucial documents. Anil Singh, representing the Shinde group, addressed the media, highlighting the challenges faced during the hearing. “We have not received the documents from Sunil Prabhu. Also, they did not receive the documents from us. So, the Shinde group demanded that we should be given a two-week deadline,” explained Anil Singh. Given that the Ganpati festival is ongoing, and many MLAs are visiting their villages, they urged the Speaker of the Vidhan Sabha to extend the period to two weeks.

Responding to this demand, the Assembly Speaker approved the Shinde group’s request, granting them a two-week extension to exchange necessary documents. Furthermore, the Speaker instructed both groups to file their replies within this timeframe. This decision comes as a significant relief to the Shinde group, allowing them ample time to prepare their case.

Today’s hearing marked the first step in this legal battle. The petition filed by Sunil Prabhu, concerning the disqualification of Shiv Sena MLAs, was the sole focus. Anil Singh emphasized that regular proceedings will continue in the coming weeks, outlining the course of action that will follow.

With this single petition hearing behind them, the focus will now shift to the subsequent stages of the case. The Assembly Speaker’s decision to grant the Shinde group a two-week window for document exchange sets the stage for a thorough examination of the matter at hand. The dispute over the disqualification of Shiv Sena MLAs remains a hot topic, and further developments are anticipated as the case progresses.



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