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Sharad Pawar’s Group Gains Momentum with New Leader Joining Ahead of Upcoming Elections

Kolhapur: In the aftermath of the Nationalist Party’s split, the focus has shifted to finding an alternative leader within the Sharad Pawar group. Rajesh Patil, who was previously associated with the NCP, aligned himself with Ajitdada’s group after the division.

As predicted by political parties, many MLAs, leaders, and activists from the Sharad Pawar group were expected to join Ajit Pawar’s faction. While this prediction has partially come true, there has been a decline in the number of people joining Ajitdada’s group after 40 MLAs left the NCP. Interestingly, the Shinde group has been witnessing an influx of members from the Thackeray group, but a similar trend from the Sharad Pawar group has not been observed in Ajitdada’s faction. However, it has been noticed that some BJP leaders have decided to join the Sharad Pawar group, signifying a change in the state’s political landscape.

In a significant development, a prominent leader from Kolhapur has joined the Sharad Pawar group, indicating a reversal of political allegiances. This move comes as Rajesh Patil announced his intention to contest the Lok Sabha elections, leading to the inclusion of alternative leaders in the Kolhapur district. Suresh Ghadge, a former active worker of the BJP, has joined the Nationalist Party (NCP) under the leadership of Sharad Pawar, along with several other workers, showcasing strength against the BJP. This decision is likely to result in a new face representing the Sharad Pawar group in the Chandgarh Assembly Constituency.

Speaking to media after joining the party, Suresh Ghadge expressed his commitment to work towards development in the taluka under the guidance of Sharad Pawar. He emphasized that it is Maharashtra’s culture to stay dedicated to the cause, rather than indulging in power play and then leaving. Ghadge’s interest in the upcoming assembly elections could potentially make him a candidate considered by the Sharad Pawar group. He has plans to meet Sharad Pawar in Mumbai soon to discuss further strategies.

With new leaders like Suresh Ghadge coming on board, the Sharad Pawar group is bolstering its position as it prepares for the forthcoming Assembly and Local Self-Government elections. The shifting political dynamics in the state are generating considerable discussion and anticipation among the citizens.



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