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Clash of Generations: Sharad Pawar Hits Back at Ajit Pawar’s Criticism

Sharad Pawar responds to Ajit Pawar's criticism over generational shifts in leadership

Baramati | 25-Dec-2023: In a recent turn of events, veteran politician Sharad Pawar has fired back at his nephew Ajit Pawar, who had earlier criticized the delay in generational transition within their political legacy. Ajit Pawar, in a public address in Baramati, had pointed out the apparent rebellion of Sharad Pawar at the age of 38, introducing a separate political hearth, while questioning why the generational shift took 60-62 years.

Addressing a press conference in Pune, Sharad Pawar defended his actions, stating that decisions were made collaboratively during his time, ensuring a comprehensive discussion before any course of action. Pawar emphasized the importance of responsible decision-making, highlighting that once a decision was made, there should be no room for grievances.

In response to Ajit Pawar’s critique, Sharad Pawar playfully teased, “Who founded the party? Who is the true architect of our political journey?” implying that the answers were well-known to the public. Ajit Pawar had urged activists and MLAs to support him, claiming it was time for the younger generation to lead.

When questioned about his apparent lack of involvement in Baramati’s affairs in recent years, Sharad Pawar explained, “For the last 10 to 15 years, I deliberately refrained from influencing decisions related to Baramati’s governance. It’s crucial for the new generation to step forward and shoulder responsibilities for posts like panchayat samiti, sugar factories, and other institutions. My disengagement doesn’t imply a lack of concern; rather, it signifies a strategic decision to empower the upcoming generation without interference.”

The exchange between Sharad Pawar and Ajit Pawar highlights not only the political dynamics within their family but also the broader theme of generational shifts and the evolving role of leaders in Indian politics. As the political landscape continues to transform, the Pawar family saga reflects the ongoing struggle between tradition and the need for new voices in the political arena.



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