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Sharad Pawar Addresses Press After Key Meeting with NCP Leaders

NCP Chief Clarifies Stand on BJP, Disputes Ajit Pawar's Claims

Pune | December 02, 2023: NCP chief Sharad Pawar convened a crucial meeting of MLAs and Khasdars in Pune, addressing the media afterward. Key leaders such as Eknath Khadse, Jayant Patil, and Jitendra Awad were present during the session. The discussion primarily revolved around the recent controversy stemming from the secret blast allegedly orchestrated by Ajit Pawar’s group.

During the media interaction, Sharad Pawar, the former president of the party, clarified the nature of the discussions within the party. Pawar acknowledged that there were talks about the demands made, but emphasized a misalignment of ideologies. He stated, “We did not ask people to vote to go with BJP. Our stand was against BJP. Therefore, going with them would mislead the public.”

Pawar shed light on the divergence of opinions within the party and highlighted that the stand against BJP was crucial to maintaining trust with the electorate. “The votes we sought in the assembly were not sought to go with the BJP. Our stand was against BJP. Therefore, if we had gone with them, the public would have been misled,” Pawar explained.

Responding to allegations of being ignored, Sharad Pawar asserted his authority, stating, “I was the president, and I am competent to take decisions. There is no question of me taking a decision by asking any leader.” He emphasized that his role in deciding the party’s direction did not require permission from others.

Addressing the difference between aligning with Shiv Sena and BJP, Pawar clarified, “Our stand today was not to go with BJP. Congress and NCP had decided to sit together and go with Shiv Sena. But, these people went directly to power and took the oath of ministership.”

Turning attention to the unseasonal situation affecting farmers, Pawar expressed concern over the significant losses they have incurred. He urged the government to urgently address the situation and provide assistance to the farmers. Pawar criticized the slow pace of Panchnama, emphasizing the need for swift action to mitigate the challenges faced by the agricultural community.

In a final rebuke, Sharad Pawar dismissed Ajit Pawar’s statements, stating, “What matters is the truth. Ajit Pawar is lying. People have to accept the decision they will make. Why should I accept any statement someone makes? It is their right to decide what role someone should take.” Pawar emphasized that he had wanted to make this decision before the elections, asserting his commitment to transparency and truthfulness.



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