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Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Dunky’ Captivates Audiences, Collects 30 Crores on Opening Day

Clash with 'Salar' on Day Two Doesn't Deter the Love for SRK's Latest Flick

December 23, 2023 : Shah Rukh Khan’s cinematic charm continues to work its magic as his latest film, ‘Dunky,’ directed by Rajkumar Hirani, hit the screens recently. This non-action flick, Shah Rukh’s third release of the year, managed to rake in an impressive 30 crores on its opening day, showcasing the enduring love audiences have for the Bollywood superstar.

‘Dunky’ vs ‘Salar’

Despite facing stiff competition on the second day from Prabhas’ highly anticipated ‘Salar,’ ‘Dunky’ held its ground, proving that Shah Rukh Khan’s fan base remains unwavering. The clash on day two did not dent the movie’s popularity, with fans continuing to pour in their support for the King Khan.

Second Day Success

On its second day of release, ‘Dunky’ managed to collect nearly Rs 20 crores, bringing its two-day total to an impressive Rs 49.20 crore. The film’s performance at the box office, as reported by preliminary data from Sacknilk, indicates a positive trend, suggesting sustained interest and engagement from the audience.

Global Love for ‘Dunky’

‘Dunky’ is not just winning hearts in India but has also found a special place in the international market. The film, delving into themes of love, friendship, and the emotional journey of a non-resident Indian, resonates strongly with audiences worldwide. Earning a remarkable Rs 58 crores globally, ‘Dunky’ has found immense favor, particularly in Australia and New Zealand.

A Promising Long Weekend Ahead

Despite its release on a working day, ‘Dunky’ managed to perform well on its opening day, setting the stage for a potentially lucrative long weekend. As the first non-action film of the year to debut with Rs 29.2 crore at the domestic box office, expectations are high for ‘Dunky’ to leverage the extended weekend and further bolster its box office numbers.

In a year that began with the success of ‘Pathan’ and ‘Jawaan,’ Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Dunky’ is yet another testament to the enduring popularity of the King of Bollywood. With a mix of love, emotion, and a captivating storyline, ‘Dunky’ seems poised for continued success at the box office.


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