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Secret Talks Emerge as Sharad Pawar Faction Leaders Eye Grand Coalition Government

Shambhuraj Desai, a Minister from the Shinde Faction, Reveals Negotiations with Sharad Pawar Group

October 16,2023: In a surprising turn of events, a rift within the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) has given rise to potential cross-faction cooperation in the grand coalition government. It all began when some NCP MLAs, notably including Ajit Pawar, extended their support to the Shinde-Fadnavis government. As a direct consequence of this newfound alliance, nine MLAs affiliated with the Ajit Pawar group were swiftly sworn in as ministers. This sudden shift in loyalties sent shockwaves throughout Maharashtra’s political landscape.

The division within the NCP has become increasingly apparent, with Nationalist Congress President Sharad Pawar taking a resolute stance against any affiliation with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Nevertheless, amidst this complex political climate, Shinde group Minister Shambhuraj Desai has made a revelation that could reshape the state’s political alliances.

Desai disclosed that leaders from the Sharad Pawar group have expressed their willingness to collaborate with the grand coalition government. These discussions are being held behind closed doors and involve Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, and Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar. The timing of this revelation coincides with the approaching Diwali festivities, which Desai likened to a celebratory “explosion.”

Speaking to the media, Shambhuraj Desai elaborated on the ongoing negotiations, stating, “Some leaders from the Nationalist Congress (Sharad Pawar group) are willing to join the grand coalition government. There are many such individuals. Internal discussions are ongoing with two or three of our prominent leaders. All relevant figures are in talks with Eknath Shinde, Devendra Fadnavis, and Ajit Pawar.”

Desai’s analogy between Diwali and the recent political developments further highlighted the unpredictability of the situation. He remarked, “Diwali is around the corner, so the bang has started. Even during Dussehra, we make loud bangs and celebrate with enthusiasm. Therefore, just as 9 ministers under the leadership of Ajit Pawar suddenly took oath, the possibility of this happening cannot be ruled out.”

As the news of these secret talks continues to circulate, debates and speculations are intensifying within the political sphere. The possibility of a grand coalition government involving leaders from both factions adds a new layer of complexity to Maharashtra’s ever-evolving political landscape.


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