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Russia’s Luna 25 Satellite Captures First Photo of Moon’s Hidden Side

Russia's Luna 25 satellite successfully entered lunar orbit on August 11th, completing its journey to the moon in an impressive six days. This achievement was marked by the release of the first-ever photograph of a previously unseen portion of the moon.

The groundbreaking image was unveiled by the Russian space agency Roscosmos via its Telegram channel. Luna 25 is currently positioned on the far side of the Moon, rendering it invisible from Earth’s vantage point. Nevertheless, the satellite managed to transmit a photograph of this enigmatic lunar region, providing an unprecedented glimpse of the hidden side. Interestingly, India’s Chandrayaan 3 spacecraft is also operating in close proximity to this unexplored zone.

The historical significance of this event traces back to the bygone era of the space race. Decades ago, Soviet Russia achieved a milestone by capturing images of the Moon’s farthest side through the Luna 3 mission. Now, after many years, Russia’s ‘Luna 25’ has secured the distinction of capturing the initial photograph of this elusive lunar sector.

The recently released lunar image showcases the prominent Zeeman Crater, a noteworthy geological feature. Moon’s significant craters are referred to as ‘craters,’ and the Zeeman Crater stands out due to its distinctive attributes. Notably, the crater also boasts a mountain soaring approximately 7,570 meters high, further adding to its uniqueness.

Looking ahead, Luna 25 has ambitious plans. The satellite is poised to execute a controlled landing near the Moon’s southern pole. Upon touching down on August 21st, it will embark on the task of collecting samples of lunar soil and rocks. The primary objective of this mission is to assess water levels near the Moon’s poles, an endeavor that holds immense scientific value.

As Luna 25 continues to make strides in lunar exploration, its successful entry into the moon’s orbit and subsequent transmission of an image from its hidden side mark significant leaps in human understanding of our celestial neighbor. This accomplishment not only adds a new chapter to the history of space exploration but also propels us closer to unlocking the secrets of the universe.



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