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Relief for NCP Leader Nawab Malik as Supreme Court Grants Bail on Health Grounds

New Delhi | Aug 11, 2023: In a significant turn of events, Nawab Malik, a prominent leader of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), has been granted a much-needed reprieve after nearly a year of legal battles. The Supreme Court has approved his bail application, providing him a two-month relief period.

Malik found himself entangled in a case linked to the alleged embezzlement of land in Kurla, leading to his arrest by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) on February 23, 2022. The case took a twist as it connected to the notorious gangster Dawood Ibrahim, involving both financial transactions and land dealings with Ibrahim’s sister.

For months, Malik faced the challenging ordeal of being first in the custody of the ED and subsequently in judicial custody. His appeals for bail were met with rejection, including a setback from the High Court. However, his persistence has now paid off with the Supreme Court granting him a temporary reprieve, primarily based on his health condition.

Nawab Malik’s health battle played a pivotal role in securing this bail. Suffering from kidney disease, his condition had reached a point where his kidneys had failed. It was this ailment that prompted his demand for bail, a plea backed by his legal team. They successfully argued that Malik’s illness warranted a compassionate consideration, referencing previous Supreme Court judgments. Their efforts bore fruit as the Supreme Court, recognizing the seriousness of his medical condition, approved his bail application, providing a two-month window for treatment and recovery.

The ED, during its investigation into money laundering activities, had previously arrested Iqbal Kaskar, a close associate of the infamous Dawood Ibrahim. It was during this interrogation that Nawab Malik’s name emerged, raising suspicions of financial connections with the Mumbai blasts accused and gangster, as well as being implicated in real estate transactions that allegedly funded terror.

The legal journey for Nawab Malik has been marked by twists and turns. Initially placed under the custody of the ED and subsequently held in judicial custody, Malik faced repeated disappointments in his attempts to secure bail, despite citing health concerns. After a relentless pursuit spanning one and a half years, the court’s decision to grant him bail for two months on health grounds comes as a significant development, offering a temporary respite in his legal battles.



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