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Raut Challenges Fadnavis: Shared Photo of CM Eknath Shinde

Fadnavis Likened Victims to Dogs

February 10, 2024: In a bold move, MP Sanjay Raut has escalated the ongoing feud with Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, sharing a photo on social media allegedly linking Shinde to criminal elements. Raut’s accusations have sparked controversy and drawn a sharp response from political opponents.

In a series of recent posts on social media, MP Sanjay Raut has intensified his criticism of Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and his MP son Shrikant Shinde, alleging their involvement with criminal elements. Raut has not only made verbal accusations but has also provided visual evidence to support his claims.

The latest salvo in this political showdown came when Raut shared a photo of a person taking a selfie with Chief Minister Shinde. Raut’s caption accompanying the photo on his Twitter account directly challenged the state’s Home Minister Devendra Fadnavis, accusing the government of being complicit with criminal elements.

Raut didn’t stop at just sharing the photo; he also provided information about the person in the selfie, alleging their involvement in serious crimes. The implication was clear: Chief Minister Shinde was cozying up to individuals with dubious backgrounds.

Further stoking the fire, Raut took a jab at Fadnavis’s response to the resignation in the Abhishek Ghosalkar murder case. Fadnavis’s comparison of victims to a dog drew widespread criticism, with Raut condemning the remark and issuing a direct challenge to Fadnavis to investigate the alleged ties between Chief Minister Shinde and criminals.

The fallout from Raut’s accusations extended beyond political circles, with criticism even appearing on the front page of ‘Samana.’ The Thackeray group lambasted Fadnavis’s remarks, asserting that such language diminishes the dignity of individuals, even likening them to animals.

Critics have raised concerns about the state of governance in Maharashtra, suggesting that politicians have ceded control to criminal elements. The recent spate of violence, including the tragic death of Abhishek Ghosalkar, has highlighted the need for decisive action against such lawlessness.

As the political drama unfolds, Maharashtra finds itself grappling with questions of governance, accountability, and the pervasive influence of criminal elements within the corridors of power.


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