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Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s Nuanced Stand on Caste-wise Census Sparks Debate

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh Clarifies Stance on Caste-wise Census Amidst Controversy

New Delhi | December 21, 2023: The ongoing debate surrounding the caste-wise census in India has taken a new turn with conflicting statements emerging from the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). Two days ago, Sridhar Gadge, the union leader from the Vidarbha province of the Sangh, voiced his opposition to the caste-wise census, stating that it hampers India’s progress.

However, a recent statement from the Sangh’s spokesperson suggests a nuanced position. Contrary to Gadge’s assertion, the Sangh now emphasizes that it is not against the caste-wise census per se but urges caution against its misuse for political gains, sparking confusion over the organization’s stance.

What the Sangh’s Representative Said:

Sunil Ambekar, the All India Publicity Head of the Sangh, sought to clarify the organization’s stance through a press release. He affirmed that the RSS is committed to fostering a Hindu society based on harmony, social justice, and devoid of discrimination. Acknowledging historical disparities, Ambekar highlighted government initiatives for the upliftment of backward sections, which the Sangh fully supports.

Addressing the recent resurgence in the caste-wise census debate, Ambekar stressed that such data should be instrumental in society’s comprehensive development. He called for all political parties to ensure that the process does not disrupt social harmony and integration.

Sangh’s Support for Caste-wise Census:

Contrary to the earlier assertion by Gadge, the RSS, as clarified by Ambekar, does not outright oppose the caste-wise census. Instead, the Sangh underscores the importance of utilizing such data for societal development while cautioning against actions that could fracture unity.

Recent Protest and Opposition:

Notably, Gadge had voiced his dissent on the issue just a day before the spokesperson’s statement. He criticized the caste system, claiming it impedes India’s progress. Gadge argued that relying on caste-based calculations could foster an inferiority complex, negatively impacting societal unity. Despite Gadge’s opposition, the RSS, as officially stated, stands neither for nor against the caste-wise census but urges responsible utilization for societal progress.


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