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Raj Thackeray Takes Charge at Khalapur Toll Plaza, Clears Path for Ambulance

MNS Chief Directly Intervenes in Traffic Chaos, Demonstrates Thackeray Style

MUMBAI January 08, 2024: In a dramatic intervention at the Khalapur Toll Plaza today, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) chief Raj Thackeray took matters into his own hands to address the persistent issue of traffic congestion. Known for his vocal stance against toll plazas in the state, Thackeray personally arrived at the scene and showcased a Thackeray-style resolve.

The incident unfolded when Thackeray, returning to Mumbai after completing an event in Pimpri, encountered a massive five-kilometer traffic jam at the Khalapur toll booth. Unperturbed by the inconvenience, he decided to step out of his vehicle and take charge of the situation. Thackeray, renowned for his no-nonsense approach, cleared the road for all vehicles, including an ambulance that was stranded in the traffic.

The toll booth officials, surprised by Thackeray’s unexpected appearance, swiftly complied with his directives. The MNS chief’s impromptu intervention not only alleviated the congestion but also ensured the timely passage of the ambulance through the toll plaza.

This incident underscores Thackeray’s ongoing crusade against toll plazas, emphasizing the need for efficient traffic management. As his actions resonated with those stuck in the traffic snarl, it remains to be seen whether this hands-on approach will result in tangible changes in toll plaza operations in the future.


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