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Raj Thackeray Donates Rs 25 Lakh to India History Research Institute, Advocates for Holistic History Education

Raj Thackeray's Call for a Holistic Approach to History

February 10, 2024: MNS President Raj Thackeray, during his recent visit to the India History Research Institute in Pune, expressed regret over the prevalence of caste politics in Maharashtra. Thackeray emphasized the need for more visionary leaders, lamenting that the state’s political landscape is overshadowed by caste-based agendas. He announced a generous donation of Rs 25 lakh to support the redevelopment of the institute’s premises located in Sadashiv Peth.

Thackeray underscored the significance of studying history beyond the lens of caste affiliations, advocating for a holistic approach to understanding Maharashtra’s rich heritage. During his visit, he presented a historic Babri brick, acquired from Ayodhya, symbolizing a pivotal moment in Indian history. This artifact was gifted to Thackeray by MNS leader Bala Nandgaonkar, who was present during the demolition of the Babri Masjid.

In his address, Thackeray reiterated the importance of learning from historical mistakes to navigate the present effectively. He cautioned against repeating past errors and stressed the need for political discourse grounded in historical understanding. Thackeray’s remarks also hinted at a critique of the prevailing political landscape, particularly targeting the BJP, suggesting that their current trajectory may not be sustainable in the long run.


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