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Pune’s Political Earthquake: Sharad Pawar’s Resurgence and Junnar’s Political Puzzle

Pune | September 29, 2023: In a recent seismic shift within the state’s political landscape, the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) witnessed a significant fracture. NCP President Sharad Pawar found himself deserted by close associates who formed a splinter group, signaling their intent to vie for power independently. Though Pawar was initially taken aback by this development, he has wasted no time in returning to the fray with renewed vigor.

On the horizon of October 1st, Sharad Pawar is set to make a pivotal appearance at a tribal meeting in Junnar. During this visit, he plans to pay a visit to Satyasheel Sherkar, the Director of Vighnahar Cooperative Sugar Factory. This move has sparked discussions and speculations, with the possibility of NCP fielding a fourth candidate in Junnar taluka gaining traction.

Sharad Pawar’s upcoming political tour holds the potential to reshape numerous political dynamics. Initially, Pawar had planned a meeting in Ambegaon, a constituency he had left. However, the tribal gathering in Junnar on October 1st has now taken precedence. This gathering, known as Chauthra, is significant for the Adivasi community.

MLA Atul Benke has opted for a neutral stance amidst these developments. Sharad Pawar’s visit will also include an inquiry into the health of Atul Benke’s father, Vallabh Benke, a staunch supporter of Pawar. Another jolt to Pawar’s camp was the departure of Dilip Valse Patil, often regarded as his political protégé. These events have fueled intense political discourse.

For now, there is no concrete plan for Sharad Pawar’s Ambegaon meeting. His presence in Junnar taluka during the tribal gathering is set to be a launching pad for further political maneuvering. Vallabh Benke, despite being elected as an MLA three consecutive times, never received a ministerial post from Sharad Pawar due to the presence of Dilip Valse Patil, who held precedence. However, in the wake of the party split, Sharad Pawar’s re-entry into Junnar taluka has sparked discussions about potential shifts in political alliances.

With the October 1st meeting approaching, political circles are abuzz with anticipation, eager to learn of Sharad Pawar’s strategic moves during this crucial event. The outcome of this gathering could potentially set the tone for the region’s political landscape.

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Meanwhile, in a separate development, MLA Atul Benke has addressed the speculation surrounding Sharad Pawar’s visit to Sherkar’s house. He stated, “Sherkar and I are of one mind, so there should be no misinterpretation of my visit to his residence.”

Who is Satyasheel Sherkar?

Satyasheel Sherkar is the son of the late Congress leader Sopansheth Sherkar, a staunch supporter of the Congress party. In Junnar taluka’s political landscape, Sherkar’s influence has been palpable, especially through his involvement with the Youth Congress. He is known for his prompt response to issues concerning farmers and youth.

Sherkar commands a considerable following among the youth in Junnar taluk. However, his current position as the Chairman of Vighnahar Cooperative Sugar Factory might create a significant challenge if he decides to contest in the Assembly elections. Nevertheless, Sherkar’s decision could potentially disrupt the multifaceted politics within the factory’s ambit, garnering widespread attention regarding the role he intends to play in the upcoming political scenario.


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