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BJP’s Dilemma: Public Prefers Modi but Wants Candidate Change, Survey Reveals

MUMBAI | September 09, 2023: In a surprising revelation, a recent survey conducted by the BJP party elite in Maharashtra has shown that the public overwhelmingly supports Prime Minister Narendra Modi but is demanding a change in their local candidates. The survey, which assessed the political landscape in every Lok Sabha and Vidhana Sabha constituency, revealed that the BJP could secure approximately 60 percent of seats while the remaining 40 percent are at risk.

The comprehensive survey, spanning two-and-a-half months, was carried out by several political survey companies, with a fresh round conducted after Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar joined the government. It scrutinized various aspects, including the performance of sitting MLAs and MPs, their interaction with the public, engagement on social media, and public sentiment toward both Modi and the local representatives.

Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, Union Joint Union Minister Shiv Prakash, and State President Chandrashekhar Bawankule meticulously reviewed the survey results for each MLA and MP across the state. Every BJP legislator and parliamentarian received a report card based on their survey performance and were cautioned against discussing it publicly. The findings categorized the People’s Representatives and provided a detailed assessment of the safety or risk level for each BJP constituency.

The survey results indicate that BJP intends to contest 170 seats for the Legislative Assembly, while the remaining seats will be allocated to the Shinde and Pawar groups. Given the existing bouquet of MLAs with Ajit Pawar, his group is not expected to receive many additional seats.

The public’s response to the survey, particularly regarding Modi and the local representatives, revealed that 50-60 percent of respondents favored Modi but expressed a desire for a change in the candidate. Many complaints from concerned constituents have emerged, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, citing issues such as lack of support for health concerns, failure to address other problems, rudeness, and corruption.

Notably, among the BJP MPs in Mumbai, Manoj Kotak stands out for his awareness of suburban railway issues and the needs of railway passengers, while others lag behind in this regard. The BJP leadership is taking these survey findings seriously and plans to conduct another assessment in December. Candidates for the upcoming elections will be nominated based on their performance and the survey results, emphasizing that no one can take their candidacy for granted.

Sources within the BJP have clarified that the progress made by these representatives in their work over the next three months will be closely reviewed before finalizing candidature decisions. The message is clear: performance matters, and the public’s preferences will play a significant role in candidate selection.



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