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Political Storm Brews in Maharashtra as Fadnavis Objects to Nawab Malik’s Inclusion in Grand Alliance

Fadnavis Objects to Nawab Malik's Inclusion in Grand Alliance, Sparks Political Turmoil

A political bombshell detonated in Maharashtra on Thursday, casting a shadow over the winter session. NCP MLA Nawab Malik, currently on bail, unequivocally aligned himself with the Ajit Pawar faction, strategically taking a seat among the ruling MLAs. The move triggered a swift response from Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, who penned a letter expressing strong objections to Nawab Malik’s inclusion in the Grand Alliance.

Uproar as Nawab Malik Chooses Ajit Pawar Faction in Winter Session

In a surprising turn of events during the winter session, NCP MLA Nawab Malik, recently released on bail, made a conspicuous display of support for the Ajit Pawar faction. Taking a seat among the ruling MLAs, Malik left no room for speculation about his political allegiance. However, this move didn’t go unnoticed by Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, who promptly voiced his dissent in a letter addressed to Ajit Pawar.

Fadnavis, a key figure in the Bharatiya Janata Party, took to Twitter to share his concerns, emphasizing the party’s clear opposition to Nawab Malik’s inclusion in the Grand Alliance. The letter underscored the ongoing controversy surrounding Malik’s legal troubles, asserting that his participation in the alliance might not be appropriate given the serious accusations against him. Fadnavis urged caution, noting that Malik is currently out on bail solely on medical grounds.

The missive also carried a message of principle, as Fadnavis stressed the importance of prioritizing the nation over political power. While the letter has intensified the political discourse, it remains to be seen how the involved parties will navigate this unexpected challenge.

What’s Next: Sanjay Raut Reacts as Political Tensions Escalate

As the news of Fadnavis’ objection spread, speculations arose regarding Ajit Pawar’s response. Sources suggest that the letter may have irked Pawar, potentially straining relations within the Grand Alliance. Reacting to the development, Uddhav Thackeray group leader Sanjay Raut entered the fray, offering his perspective on the matter.

The unfolding drama has added a new layer of complexity to Maharashtra’s political landscape, with the spotlight now on how Ajit Pawar and the NCP leadership will address Fadnavis’ concerns and navigate the delicate balance within the Grand Alliance. The coming days are poised to reveal the dynamics at play in this unexpected chapter of state politics.


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