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Parth Pawar’s Controversial Meeting with Gangster Gaja Marne Raises Political Eyebrows

City President Deepak Mankar and Former Mayor Datta Dhankawade Witness Unusual Encounter Ahead of Lok Sabha Elections

January 25, 2024: In an unexpected turn of events, Parth Pawar, the son of Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar, created a stir in political circles with his meeting with notorious gangster Gaja Marne in Pune. The meeting, held in the backdrop of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, also saw the presence of city president Deepak Mankar and former mayor Datta Dhankawade.

Gaja Marne, also known as Maharaj and Gajanan Pandharinath Marne, hails from a village in Mulshi Taluka. Having transitioned to a life of crime after moving to Shastrinagar, Marne is infamous for gang-related violence in Kothrud and Pune cities. His gang, in particular, has been in a long-standing supremacy dispute with the Ghaiwal gang.

Marne’s criminal record includes serious charges such as murder, attempted murder, extortion, kidnapping, and intimidation. Notably, he spent three years in Yerawada Jail in connection with the murder of Amol Badhe and Pappu Gawde. Last year, Marne was granted bail in a case involving the alleged extortion of 20 crores from a Pune-based businessman.

Adding to the intrigue, Gaja Marne’s wife, Jayashree, a former MNS corporator involved in politics, was present during Parth Pawar’s visit. Viral photos on social media captured Gaja Marne felicitating Parth Pawar and his wife, raising eyebrows and sparking excitement in political circles.

The meeting also included the presence of city president Deepak Mankar, former corporator Datta Dhankawade, and Pradeep Deshmukh. Observers speculate that Parth Pawar’s visit might bring about changes in political equations in Kothrud, setting the stage for a dynamic shift in the upcoming elections.


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