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Parliament Chaos: Unprecedented Suspension of 47 Opposition MPs Rocks Winter Session

Record-breaking action taken as 33 MPs suspended simultaneously, sparking accusations of a dictatorial move in the Lok Sabha

December 18, 2023: Parliament Winter Session 2023 witnessed unprecedented chaos as a total of 47 opposition Members of Parliament (MPs) faced suspension in a record-breaking action. The suspension, which includes 31 MPs from the Lok Sabha and an additional 16 from the Rajya Sabha, has stirred controversy and accusations of dictatorial behavior against the Speaker.

On Friday, the Lok Sabha Speaker, Om Birla, took a stern stand by suspending 13 MPs for the entire session following disruptions during discussions on the security issues of Parliament. The opposition MPs, including prominent figures such as Congress Parliamentary Party leader Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary and DMK leader TR Balu, staged protests on the Parliament steps, demanding the revocation of the suspensions and interrupting Home Minister Amit Shah’s speech.

The chaos escalated further as the suspended MPs barricaded the entrance, insisting on the punishment of their colleagues and disrupting parliamentary proceedings. Despite repeated appeals from the Speaker for calm, the uproar persisted in the hall.

The situation worsened when Parliamentary Affairs Minister Prahlad Joshi proposed the simultaneous suspension of all MPs causing disruptions throughout the winter session. Responding to this appeal, Speaker Om Birla suspended a total of 33 opposition MPs, bringing the cumulative count to 46, in addition to the initial 13 suspensions.

The suspended MPs vehemently criticized the Speaker’s actions, labeling them as dictatorial and a threat to democratic values. Congress leader Sonia Gandhi met with the suspended MPs, expressing solidarity and discussing a strategy to address the issue. The opposition now faces the challenge of regaining its footing in the Parliament and ensuring a united front in the face of these unexpected suspensions.


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