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Opposition Outraged as Modi Remains Silent on Manipur Issue

Delhi | 10-Aug-23: In a recent turn of events, the opposition party in India has taken a strong stance against the government over the issue of women’s abuse in Manipur. This has led to the formation of a united front known as the “India Alliance,” with a shared mission to address this critical matter. While the opposition has been vocal and active in their protest against the Modi government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s response has been notably absent on the ongoing violence in Manipur.

Prime Minister Modi’s recent speech in the hall, which lasted for over an hour, did not touch upon the Manipur issue, leaving many disappointed and raising questions among the opposition. During the speech, Modi did engage in a critique of the opposition, particularly the Congress party, discussing the situations in different states like Bihar, Tamil Nadu, and Uttar Pradesh. However, Manipur remained conspicuously absent from his address.

The opposition had previously initiated a motion of no confidence against the government with the hope that it would compel Modi to clarify his stance on the Manipur situation. Unfortunately, despite the prolonged speech, Modi’s silence on the matter has only intensified the opposition’s frustration.

During the no-confidence motion, while Modi was busy addressing various matters, the opposition continued to emphasize their solidarity with Manipur by chanting slogans in the House. This growing agitation within the opposition is a direct result of Modi’s failure to address the concerns surrounding the women’s abuse issue in Manipur.

The absence of a clear response from the Prime Minister on this pressing matter has only fueled the opposition’s determination to hold the government accountable. As the India Alliance persists in its demand for a definitive statement from Modi regarding Manipur, tensions within the political arena have escalated significantly. The ongoing standoff between the opposition and the government raises important questions about transparency, accountability, and the responsibility of leadership in addressing critical issues affecting the nation.



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