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NCP Stands United Against BJP’s Attempted Disruption, Says Supriya Sule

BJP's bid to fracture NCP met with limited success, asserts NCP MP Supriya Sule in a press conference, highlighting party cohesion.

Pune, August 24, 2023 – Supriya Sule, a prominent NCP MP, held a press conference in Pune to address recent developments within the party. She staunchly refuted claims of a party split, asserting NCP’s unity and resilience against attempts by the BJP to sow discord.

Sule’s strong statement centered around the seniority of Ajit Pawar within the NCP and emphasized the party’s collective cohesion. “Our party stands united despite some differing stances among members. Ajit Pawar remains a senior leader, and his commitment to the party remains unwavering,” she stated, sparking discussions within political circles.

Addressing the BJP’s efforts to undermine the NCP, Sule noted, “The BJP made attempts to weaken our party, and regrettably, they have achieved limited success. Some members aligned themselves with the BJP, including a few who hold government positions.” Sule clarified that Ajit Pawar had reported his grievances regarding the party to the Legislative Assembly Speaker due to his differing viewpoint.

Sule also shed light on the party’s internal dynamics, acknowledging that a small number of members had expressed dissent, while the majority remained loyal to the party’s principles. She said, “Though we lack precise figures, the majority of our MLAs continue to stand with us. Only nine members have shifted their allegiance, while the rest remain united.”

Turning the focus to party history, Sule highlighted the pivotal role played by Sharad Pawar, the party’s national president, and Jayant Patil, the state president. She emphasized Sharad Pawar’s leadership, especially during the time when the NCP held more Legislative Assembly seats but fell short of the magic number of 144.

In a notable move, Sule addressed Deputy Chief Minister of the state, Devendra Fadnavis, and criticized the BJP’s handling of the recent political landscape. “It’s disheartening to witness Devendra Fadnavis’ efforts go unrecognized, despite securing 105 MLA seats. The party’s decision to overlook his candidacy for Chief Minister shows injustice on BJP’s part,” Sule remarked, expressing empathy for Fadnavis.



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