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NCP President Sharad Pawar Announces Decision Not to Contest Lok Sabha Elections

In a constituency-wise review meeting, Sharad Pawar puts an end to election speculations.

October 19,2023: The political arena in Maharashtra is abuzz as the specter of Lok Sabha elections looms on the horizon, even though the formal announcement is yet to be made. In this charged atmosphere, all political parties are gearing up, and their leaders are diligently scrutinizing Lok Sabha constituencies across the state.

Sharad Pawar, the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) President, is no exception. He has commenced holding constituency-wise review meetings to strategize the party’s approach. In a recent meeting, office bearers fervently expressed their desire for Sharad Pawar to contest the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. However, Pawar put all speculations to rest with a decisive announcement.

During the review meeting of the Dindori Lok Sabha constituency, Sharad Pawar declared that he would not be a contender in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections. He articulated his plan to tour the state extensively and channel his efforts towards strengthening the party’s organizational structure. Pawar passionately conveyed his determination to travel across the state and the nation to bolster the NCP.

This announcement was made during a review meeting held in the presence of Sharad Pawar himself. He emphasized his commitment to securing a victory in the Dindori Lok Sabha constituency and noted the increasing engagement with new supporters. Furthermore, he provided directives to the leaders, officials, and party workers present, urging them to intensify their efforts within the constituency.

The decision to not contest the Lok Sabha elections came after office bearers made a request during a previous meeting, proposing that Sharad Pawar should run for office in the Madha Lok Sabha constituency. Now, in the Dindori Lok Sabha Constituency’s review meeting, the office bearers expressed their sentiments directly to Sharad Pawar. They highlighted the significance of this choice by noting that, while Bhujbal’s candidature left them breathless, Pawar’s decision has allowed them to breathe freely.


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