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NCP Power Struggle: Sharad Pawar Group Counters Ajit Pawar’s Claims in Election Commission Reply

Mumbai | 07 Aug 23: It has been over a month since the NCP party split, and Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar has garnered support from many party MLAs. Even before coming to power, Ajit Pawar wasted no time in filing a petition with the Central Election Commission, staking claim to the party’s name and symbol. The Election Commission responded by sending a notice to NCP President Sharad Pawar’s group, seeking their input. The response from Sharad Pawar’s group has arrived, and it attempts to counter Ajit Pawar’s claims, setting the stage for future developments.

In their reply to the Central Election Commission, NCP President Sharad Pawar’s group vehemently denies the existence of any split within the NCP. They assert that Ajit Pawar’s demand for the party symbol is baseless and unfortunate. The group firmly urges the Election Commission to reject the demands put forth by Ajit Pawar and his faction.

According to the response, the Sharad Pawar group refutes Ajit Pawar’s contention that there are two factions within the NCP. They assert that the NCP is a united party, registered and recognized by the Election Commission. Sharad Pawar himself holds the position of President, and this fact is supported by a letter provided by Praful Patel.

The situation remains tense and uncertain as both factions present their arguments to the Election Commission. The outcome of this dispute could have significant implications for the future of the NCP and its political landscape.

In conclusion, the NCP continues to grapple with the aftermath of its split, with Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar seeking recognition and support from the Election Commission. The response from NCP President Sharad Pawar’s group is adamant in denying any division within the party and calls for the rejection of Ajit Pawar’s demands. The coming days will be crucial in determining the fate of the NCP and the prevailing power dynamics within the party.



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