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NCP MLA Rohit Pawar Applauds 12th Fail: Calls for Government Attention

Rohit Pawar's Social Media Post Sparks Discussions on the Impact of Vidhu Vinod Chopra's Latest Release

January 18, 2024: In the latest twist of events, NCP MLA and youth leader, Rohit Pawar, has shared his thoughts on Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s recent Marathi release, “12th Fail.” The film, which has garnered praise from various quarters, has now found an unexpected admirer in the political arena.

Expressing his views on Facebook, Pawar highlighted the movie’s depiction of the struggles faced by children from ordinary families. He emphasized the hard work and challenges these youngsters encounter, showcasing a side of life not often seen in person. Pawar urged those in government positions to watch the film, hoping it would instill a sense of seriousness and empathy towards the younger generation.

The NCP MLA’s commentary on the current political situation, intertwined with his reflections on “12th Fail,” has ignited discussions among netizens. The post has received strong reactions, with some users praising Pawar’s perspective on the film and its societal implications.

In Pawar’s social media proclamation, he urged government officials to witness the struggles portrayed in the movie, stating that it might serve as a wake-up call for them to prioritize the welfare of children. The post has resonated with many, prompting a broader conversation on the responsibilities of those in power.

Adding to the movie’s accolades, Pawar’s endorsement comes in the wake of other Bollywood celebrities, including Hrithik Roshan, praising the film for its ability to entertain and inspire. The public discourse surrounding “12th Fail” has further solidified its position as a notable success, earning praise not only for its cinematic excellence but also for addressing societal issues.

Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s creation, initially a box office hit, continues to perform well on OTT platforms, accumulating widespread acclaim from netizens. With earnings surpassing 70 crores, “12th Fail” stands as a testament to the impact of socially relevant storytelling in the realm of Indian cinema. As discussions around the film persist, it remains to be seen whether Pawar’s call for governmental attention will influence policy discussions on issues affecting the youth.


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