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NCP Leader Jitendra Awad Sparks Controversy with Claim that Lord Ram was Non-Vegetarian

Awad Stands Firm on Statement, Citing Historical References and Invoking Freedom of Speech

January 04, 2024: In a press conference held at Shirdi, NCP leader Jitendra Awad stirred a controversy by asserting that Lord Ram, also known as Pandurang Hari in Maharashtra, was a non-vegetarian. The statement, made on Thursday, quickly reverberated across the state, prompting Awad to address the media and clarify his position.

Awad, emphasizing that he does not distort history, reiterated his stance during the press briefing. “I never distort history. It is not my job to distort history. But what I said yesterday was true,” Awad said. He explained that his reference to Lord Ram’s non-vegetarian diet was based on historical documents, including a publication from 1891 in Bengal.

Attempting to provide further evidence, Awad mentioned Valmiki Ramayana and asserted that there are six skandas in it. However, he refrained from quoting specific verses to avoid escalating the controversy. “I have not done any commentary without study. But above that, study is not important these days, feelings are. If anyone’s feelings were hurt by my statement yesterday, I express my regret,” added Awad.

Addressing his critics, Awad defended his right to freedom of speech and expressed his commitment to logical discussion. “I am an activist who believes in Babasaheb Ambedkar. If Valmiki writes, I will not say who will have to file a case. I am not afraid of crime. If we want to talk logically, I will express regret if the rest of the logic is not acceptable. What else will you do?” questioned Awad.

The controversy also involved Sudhir Das, a mahant, who engaged in a debate about Vedic or Puranic with the Maharani of Kolhapur. Awad referenced Das’s involvement in the Vedokta case regarding Shahu Maharaj, indicating a historical context to his claims.

In conclusion, Awad’s controversial statement about Lord Ram’s non-vegetarian diet has ignited a debate, bringing historical references into the forefront of the discussion. As the controversy unfolds, Awad stands firm on his assertion, emphasizing the importance of logical discourse and his commitment to freedom of speech.


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