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NCP Delegation Urges Rajya Sabha Speaker to Cancel Praful Patel’s Membership

Sharad Pawar Group Takes Strong Stand Against Ajit Pawar Faction

November 22, 2023 : In a recent development within the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), the rift between the Sharad Pawar group and the Ajit Pawar group has intensified. The Sharad Pawar faction has taken an assertive stance against Ajit Pawar’s group, specifically targeting Rajya Sabha MP Praful Patel.

A delegation from the Sharad Pawar group, led by prominent members Supriya Sule and Rajya Sabha MP Vandana Chavan, has met with Rajya Sabha Speaker Jagdeep Dhankar to formally request the cancellation of Praful Patel’s membership in the Rajya Sabha. This move comes as a part of the ongoing power struggle within the party.

Sources reveal that this isn’t the first time the Sharad Pawar group has sought action against Patel. Four months ago, the group had approached the party, invoking the Tenth Schedule and alleging anti-party activities against Praful Patel. However, no action was taken at that time.

Vandana Chavan had previously sent a letter to Rajya Sabha Speaker Jaideep Dhankar, reminding him of the earlier demand for action. With no response or action taken on the letter, the delegation decided to escalate the matter. The group directly approached Rajya Sabha Speaker Jagdeep Dhankar, reiterating their demand for the cancellation of Patel’s Rajya Sabha membership.

The Sharad Pawar group expressed disappointment that despite their efforts, no action has been taken on the matter raised four months ago. The delegation discussed the concerns outlined in the letter and urged Rajya Sabha Speaker Jagdeep Dhankar to take prompt action in this regard.

The intensifying internal conflicts within the NCP raise questions about the party’s unity and cohesion. As the Sharad Pawar group pushes for action against Praful Patel, the Ajit Pawar faction is likely to respond, setting the stage for a potentially turbulent internal struggle within the party.


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