NCP Chief Sharad Pawar Gears Up for Power Play in Beed; Big Political Shifts Expected

In a significant political development, NCP chief Sharad Pawar is all set to make waves in Beed today. The veteran leader's visit to the region has ignited anticipation and excitement among the locals. The focus of Pawar's attention is directed toward the Ajitdada group and the BJP.

Dhananjay Munde

Beed | August 17, 2023 : Sharad Pawar, the President of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), has convened a crucial gathering in Beed. With expectations soaring, it is predicted that over fifty thousand attendees will grace the occasion. This marks Pawar’s inaugural appearance in Beed, amplifying the anticipation surrounding his visit. Notably, Beed is a stronghold for prominent NCP leader Dhananjay Munde and BJP leader Pankaja Munde.

However, Pawar’s visit carries strategic intent. It is rumored that his presence in this constituency aims to challenge Dhananjay Munde’s influence in Beed. The meeting, scheduled for the afternoon, has already stirred commotion, especially considering the recent developments in the political landscape.

Sharad Pawar’s rally will commence at Mane Chowk at noon, the epicenter of political activities in Beed. Notably, Baban Gitte, a staunch supporter of Dhananjay Munde from Parli, is poised to make a pivotal shift. Gitte, a respected figure with significant clout in the region, has taken the surprising decision to join the NCP, abandoning his long-standing association with Munde.

Gitte’s decision to align with the NCP is expected to be a game-changer, potentially causing a setback for Dhananjay Munde. The seasoned leader will be inducted into the NCP alongside hundreds of his supporters during the afternoon gathering, in the presence of Sharad Pawar. Speculation is rife about Gitte’s address, which is anticipated to be impactful.

Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao’s influence is also being felt in Maharashtra, with his party garnering success and attracting several new members. However, a recent twist has unfolded, as BRS leader Shivraj Bangar has announced his exit from the party. Bangar is set to join the NCP under the auspices of Sharad Pawar.

Sharad Pawar’s arrival in Beed from Aurangabad is eagerly awaited. His route includes a strategic stop at Mahalakshmi Chowk, where he will rally his supporters before proceeding to the main event. With an estimated turnout of more than fifty thousand people, the arrangements have been meticulously organized to accommodate the massive crowd. This gathering holds immense significance as it distinguishes itself from the regular political meetings held by other leaders in the area.

In a region dominated by competing forces, Sharad Pawar’s visit and actions are poised to set the tone for an evolving political landscape. All eyes are on Beed as the veteran leader maneuvers to make his mark, leaving political pundits and locals alike in anticipation of the unfolding political drama.


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