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Mysterious Virus Sparks Global Concern as World Health Organization Issues Warning

World Health Organization alarmed by a new virus in China, reminiscent of December 2019 warning that preceded the global spread of Corona

November 23, 2023: In the wake of the widespread panic caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, a new and mysterious virus is now raising concerns globally. Originating in China, much like the infamous Corona virus, this unknown disease is rapidly affecting children, prompting the World Health Organization (WHO) to issue a warning.

Reports from various hospitals in China, particularly in Beijing and Liaoning in the northeastern region, reveal a surge in cases resembling pneumonia but with distinct symptoms. Children infected with this virus experience lung swelling, accompanied by fever and breathing difficulties. The gravity of the situation has strained hospital services, prompting the Chinese government to consider closing schools to curb the infection’s spread.

The open-access observatory, PROMED, which had previously warned of a new virus in December 2019, has once again raised the alarm. According to PROMED, the virus primarily affects the respiratory system, posing a significant risk to children. Despite acknowledging that the infection might not reach the same scale as Corona, PROMED emphasizes the potential risk to elderly individuals through infected children.

The World Health Organization has taken swift action, demanding detailed information from China about the mysterious virus. China officially reported the disease on November 13, 2023, prompting the WHO to instruct local authorities to monitor and provide additional information on cases related to this new infection.

As the world grapples with the aftermath of the Corona pandemic, the emergence of this new virus has reignited fears of a potential epidemic. The global community anxiously awaits further information and updates from both China and the World Health Organization regarding the nature, spread, and potential consequences of this mysterious infection.


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