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Mumbai Police Arrest Drug Smuggler Lalit Patil in Connection with Pune Sassoon Hospital Drug Racket

Drug Smuggler Lalit Patil Arrested By Mumbai Police From Chennai Pune Sassoon Hospital Drug Racket

October 18, 2023: In a significant breakthrough, Mumbai Police have apprehended Lalit Patil, a notorious drug smuggler, in connection with the high-profile drug case centered around Pune’s Sassoon Hospital. After months of intensive investigations and a relentless search operation, Patil was tracked down in Chennai and taken into custody. He is now set to be transported to Pune to face legal proceedings.

The Case Unveiled: The saga began when drugs with an estimated value of Rs 2 crore were discovered within the vicinity of Sassoon Hospital in Pune. Subsequently, a case under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act was filed at Pune’s Bundgarden Police Station. This investigation has led to the arrest of four individuals, and two more were detained in Barambaki, Gorakhpur district, Uttar Pradesh, in connection with the case.

However, the central figure in this elaborate drug network, Lalit Patil, managed to evade capture, raising concerns about the effectiveness of the law enforcement agencies involved.

Lalit Patil’s Escape: Lalit Patil’s intriguing story began with his initial detainment by the police in a drug-related case. After receiving treatment at Sassoon Hospital for a period of nine months, he astoundingly absconded while still in police custody. Subsequent investigations have uncovered a disturbing revelation: Lalit, in collaboration with his brother Bhushan, was operating a clandestine drug manufacturing facility in Nashik.

The arrest of Lalit Patil marks a significant milestone in dismantling the drug racket operating from Pune’s Sassoon Hospital area. As this case unfolds, it highlights the need for improved security measures and stricter vigilance within the healthcare system to prevent similar incidents in the future. The law enforcement agencies involved are determined to bring all those responsible to justice and to curb the drug trade that has plagued the region.


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