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MNS Chief Raj Thackeray Expresses Displeasure Over Voter Registration Target

Office Bearers Under Thackeray's Scrutiny for Unmet Targets

December 05, 2023: In a charged meeting at Raj Thackeray’s Shivtirth residence in Dadar, Mumbai, the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) Chief expressed his dissatisfaction with the slow progress of voter registration. The review meeting, organized by Lok Sabha constituencies, turned confrontational as Raj Thackeray demanded answers from party office bearers.

Angry Encounter in MNS Meeting at Raj Thackeray’s Shivtirth Residence

In a fiery review meeting today, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) Chief Raj Thackeray voiced his displeasure over the slow progress in the registration of graduate voters. The meeting, held at Raj Thackeray’s Shivtirth residence in Dadar, Mumbai, saw a charged atmosphere as the MNS president sought answers from party office bearers.

Office Bearers Face Thackeray’s Ire

The meeting, organized by constituency, brought together ward officers and office bearers. The primary agenda was the registration of eligible voters for the upcoming graduate constituency election. Despite setting clear targets in previous meetings, Raj Thackeray expressed his anger at the office bearers for failing to meet the registration goals.

Unmet Targets Prompt Thackeray’s Discontent

Sources revealed that a specific target of registering over 500 voters from at least one ward had been set. This target, however, has not been achieved to the satisfaction of the MNS president. Thackeray has instructed the officials to redouble their efforts to meet the established goal. The president is actively seeking answers as to why the set targets are not being met and is reviewing the challenges hindering their accomplishment.

Cold Response Raises Eyebrows

Raj Thackeray’s frustration was palpable as he questioned the officials about the difficulties impeding the registration process. Despite repeated meetings, the MNS chief noted a lackluster response from the party activists, adding another layer of concern to the ongoing electoral preparations.

As the MNS gears up for the graduate constituency election, the rift between the party chief and the office bearers highlights the challenges faced in meeting crucial voter registration targets. The outcome of this review meeting will likely shape the course of MNS’s strategies in the upcoming elections.


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