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MLA Shashikant Shinde Warns of Maratha Community Rift if Decision Postponed

Nagpur Winter Session Heats Up Over Maratha Reservation Dispute

In the Nagpur Winter Session, discussions over the Maratha reservation have turned the political climate fiery, exposing divisions among leaders. The politics surrounding the Maratha reservation issue has taken a toll on unity within the government, leading to concerns about potential fallout within the Maratha society. The looming decision on the 24th is raising questions about political motives and a deliberate attempt to create controversy.

As the Nagpur Winter Session unfolds, the atmosphere heats up over the Maratha reservation issue, with MLA Shashikant Shinde issuing a stern warning. In the Vidhan Parishad hall, Shinde criticized the government’s handling of the reservation matter, accusing leaders of playing politics of convenience. He emphasized the need for a decisive decision on the 24th, asserting that a delay could lead to a damaging rift within the Maratha community for which the state government would bear responsibility.

The ongoing Nagpur Winter Session has become a battleground for discussions on the Maratha reservation, leading to heightened tensions and accusations among leaders. MLA Shashikant Shinde, during a session in the Vidhan Parishad hall, pointed fingers at the government for playing politics with the sensitive issue. Shinde questioned the unity of leaders on the matter, highlighting the contrast between promises made during the all-party meeting and the subsequent accusations.

The Maratha community’s movement, once marked by peaceful protests, now faces internal divisions. Shinde drew attention to the increasing unrest and the emergence of leaders like Manoj Jarange Patal, who have gained support from the Maratha community. Amidst accusations, Shinde called for transparency from the Chief Minister, urging the removal of doubt regarding the government’s stance.

The reservations issue is not limited to political discussions, as communal tensions have flared up in Satara district, resulting in four riots in the last two months. Shinde emphasized the importance of taking action against those responsible for the riots and preventing further escalation. With the 24th deadline looming, the Maratha community awaits a decisive government stance, hoping to put an end to the growing discontent and accusations within the state.


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