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Marathwada Cabinet Meeting Commences in Aurangabad: Major Decisions Awaited

Sambhaji Nagar | 16th September 2023 – The Marathwada region is abuzz with excitement as the state’s cabinet meeting commences in Aurangabad after a seven-year hiatus. A total of 75 crucial decisions are on the agenda, with hopes high for the announcement of a significant package dedicated to the development of Marathwada. The entire cabinet has descended upon the city for this momentous event.

Adding to the anticipation, the state government has revealed a significant pre-meeting surprise – the renaming of two districts. The official notification, issued by Santosh Gawde, deputy secretary to the state government and published in the gazette, declares that Osmanabad district, taluka, sub-division, and villages will now bear the name “Dharashiv.” In a similar vein, Aurangabad district, taluka, sub-division, and villages have been renamed “Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar.” This move is being hailed as a generous gift to the people of Marathwada.

However, it’s not just the renaming of districts that is capturing attention. With the backdrop of rising concerns over suicides in Vidarbha and Marathwada, all eyes are on the government’s potential plans to curb this tragic trend. Will there be a special initiative to prevent such incidents?

Marathwada has also faced the dual challenge of unseasonal rains affecting crops in some areas while others grapple with drought conditions. As a result, there’s keen interest in the government’s strategies to alleviate these agricultural woes. Anticipation is high for measures addressing drinking water scarcity, fodder availability, and employment opportunities in the region.

The Marathwada cabinet meeting promises to be a pivotal event in charting the region’s future, and Marathwada’s residents eagerly await the outcomes and decisions that will shape their lives in the coming years.



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