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Marathwada Cabinet Meeting Allocates Billions for Regional Development

Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar, Marathwada | September 16, 2023: In a significant and long-awaited development, the Marathwada Cabinet meeting convened at Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar, marking a pivotal moment for the region’s progress. After a hiatus of almost seven years, this gathering witnessed the announcement of numerous crucial decisions aimed at fostering the growth and development of Marathwada.

Chief Minister Eknath Shinde presided over the meeting and unveiled an astounding financial commitment of ₹46,453.90 crores for the holistic development of Marathwada. Additionally, an allocation of ₹37,016 crores was set aside for various development projects and schemes specifically targeting the region. These decisions reflect the government’s unwavering commitment to uplifting Marathwada’s socio-economic landscape.

The state cabinet meeting, held on September 16, 2023, saw comprehensive discussions and decisions across multiple departments:

Department of Water Resources: The government greenlit eleven irrigation projects, signifying a significant expansion in Marathwada’s irrigation capabilities. These projects come with a revised incremental expenditure of ₹13,677 crores, a testament to the state’s dedication to agricultural prosperity.

Animal Husbandry Department: Lal Kandhari in Ambajogai taluk and Devani were earmarked for the preservation of native cattle, demonstrating the government’s focus on livestock and rural livelihood enhancement.

Rural Development Department: A commendable provision of ₹1,076 crores was allotted to empower rural women, benefiting over 12 lakh women in Marathwada. This move promises to bolster women’s socio-economic status in the region.

Department of Medical Education: A substantial ₹485 crore was approved for the establishment of a new Government College in Hingoli. Furthermore, senior resident doctors in the state will receive an honorarium of ₹85,000 per month, resulting in an expenditure of ₹12.85 crores.

Forest Department: Funds were allocated for the direct transfer to Solar Energy Fencing initiatives, aligning with environmental conservation goals.

School Education Department: Contract employees in Samagra Shiksha will enjoy a 10 percent increase in remuneration, fostering motivation and quality education in schools statewide.

Law and Justice Department: A Civil Court in Sillod will enhance the judicial infrastructure of the region, ensuring efficient legal processes.

Agriculture Department: Several new educational institutions were announced, including a Government College of Agriculture, a Government Agribusiness and Management College, and a Soybean Research Training and Processing Sub-Centre in Parli Vaijnath. These initiatives will accelerate soybean production and promote agricultural education.

Skill Development: An ITI Incubation Center in Jalna received ₹10 crore in funding, enhancing skill development opportunities.

Urban Development Department: The government allocated land in Navi Mumbai for the construction of a Samaj Bhawan (community center) for the Banjara community, showing its commitment to inclusivity and community development.

In addition to these department-specific initiatives, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde announced the launch of the Women’s Empowerment Campaign across the state, highlighting the government’s dedication to gender equality and women’s rights.

Furthermore, medical officers who had been serving in temporary positions before 2005 and regularized in 2009 will benefit from an order of MAT (Maharashtra Administrative Tribunal).

The significant budget allocations to various departments reflect the government’s priorities and commitment to holistic development:

  • Water Resources: ₹21,580.24 crores
  • Public Works: ₹12,938.85 crores
  • Animal Husbandry, Dairy Development, Hobby Business: ₹3,318.54 crores
  • Planning: ₹1,608.28 crores
  • Transport: ₹1,128.69 crores
  • Rural Development: ₹1,291.44 crores
  • Agriculture Department: ₹709.49 crores
  • Sports Department: ₹696.38 crores
  • Home: ₹684.45 crores
  • Medical Education: ₹498.06 crores
  • Women and Child Development: ₹386.88 crores
  • School Education: ₹400.78 crores
  • Public Health: ₹374.91 crores
  • General Administration: ₹286 crores
  • Urban Development: ₹281.71 crores
  • Cultural Work: ₹253.70 crores
  • Tourism: ₹95.25 crores
  • Aid Rehabilitation: ₹88.72 crores
  • Forest Department: ₹65.42 crores
  • Revenue Department: ₹63.68 crores
  • Industries Department: ₹38 crores
  • Textiles: ₹25 crores
  • Skill Development: ₹10 crores
  • Law and Justice: ₹3.855 crores

These substantial allocations underscore the government’s commitment to fostering growth and development across Marathwada, with the ultimate goal of improving the lives of its residents and propelling the region to new heights of prosperity.



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