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Maratha Unity Prevails as Kunbi Entries Granted, Await Maratha Reservation Act Approval

Manoj Jarange Patil Asserts, "We won't be deterred despite government actions."

Thane | November 21, 2023 : In a recent turn of events, Marathas across the state are celebrating the inclusion of Kunbi entries in their certificates, marking a significant step towards achieving Maratha reservation. The optimism resonates as Manoj Jarange Patil confidently declares, “We have won the battle of Maratha reservation by 75 percent. Now just wait for the Maratha Reservation Act to be passed on December 24.”

However, amidst this triumph, Thane has become a hotspot for potential communal tensions between the Maratha and OBC communities. Jarange Patil, addressing a gathering at Gadkari Rangayatan in Thane, voiced concerns over the government’s handling of the situation. He accused the government of neglecting the attempts made by Maratha leaders to prevent any clashes, emphasizing, “No matter how many cases the state government files against us, we will not be afraid or stop. We are ready to undertake any number of crimes for the welfare of Marathas.”

Jarange Patil took a direct hit at Chhagan Bhujbal, alleging that the latter is making provocative statements to incite riots. Expressing frustration, he questioned the government’s inaction against Bhujbal’s remarks and raised suspicions about whether the government is supporting him. “You don’t want to give Maratha reservation, so are crimes being filed deliberately?” questioned Jarange Patil.

In the midst of these accusations, Jarange Patil urged the Maratha community to remain calm until the expected approval of the Maratha Reservation Act on December 24. Despite facing legal challenges and alleged provocations, he remains resolute, stating, “No one person can overwhelm the 6 crore Maratha community.”

The situation in Thane highlights the delicate balance between the Maratha community’s pursuit of reservation and the potential for communal strife. As the state awaits the crucial December 24 decision, the narrative is marked by both triumph and tension, raising questions about the government’s role in the unfolding events.


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