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Maratha Reservation Survey Progresses at Different Paces Across Maharashtra

Chandrapur Enumerator Suspended, Mumbai Nears Completion, Pune Reaches 55%

February 01, 2024: In a state-wide effort to assess the social, educational, and economic conditions of the Maratha community, the Maratha Reservation Survey is underway across Maharashtra. Government employees have been actively involved in the survey, aiming to gather crucial data for the Maharashtra State Backward Classes Commission.

Chandrapur Enumerator Suspended: In Chandrapur, Municipal Commissioner Vipin Paliwal took strict action by suspending Survey Enumerator Sunil Malve for negligence in conducting the Maratha reservation survey. Despite receiving proper training, Malve failed to initiate the survey within the stipulated time frame. The Municipal Commissioner has emphasized the importance of completing this government-mandated survey promptly.

Progress in Mumbai: The survey in Mumbai is nearly complete, with an impressive 99.45 percent progress. The Municipal Corporation conducted door-to-door surveys for 70.3 percent of households, encountering challenges such as foreclosure in 19.2 percent of cases. Additionally, 10.5 percent of Mumbaikars refused to participate in the survey, according to the latest data.

Pune Reaches 55% Completion: Meanwhile, Pune has achieved a 55 percent completion rate in the Maratha community survey. Notably, Maval taluka leads with an 81 percent completion rate, while Mulshi, Ambegaon, and Indapur talukas reported the least progress.

Despite encountering some hurdles, the survey has garnered widespread citizen awareness through sound systems, newspapers, and social media. Municipalities and other government employees have been actively engaged in the survey, with 56,246 families surveyed so far. While the Chandrapur survey has been extended by two days, officials are adamant about completing the task within the specified period.

The Maratha Reservation Survey remains a critical initiative to address the needs and concerns of the Maratha community, reflecting the government’s commitment to ensuring social justice and equity in the state of Maharashtra.


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